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About Us

Creating a Connected Sports Universe

Our Story

FanplayIoT is a platform for everything Sports. Established in 2020 we are creating a new language that revolves around Heart-rate to go beyond the limitations of the naked eye. 

At our very core, we are powered by State-of-the-art Wearable Tech that caters to every stakeholder in the Sports Universe and driving our Vision towards a “Connected Sports Universe”.

Every Fan has a reason (beyond reasoning) to love a team or a sports person with all their heart. We being crazy fans of Sports ourselves felt Fans need to be heard more and not just via social media or the handful (in comparison) of those who attend matches in stadiums.

So what we do? We develop a holistic platform for fans to engage in most natural way possible. Be it CLAPPING for your team or SHOUTING out loud at your TV or yout HEART pounding when your team needs a last minute winner!

Being experts in the field of Wearable tech and cloud platforms we have established a robust platform that captures natural fan language. Helping sponsors, brands, broadcasters, marketers to connect to the fan ecosystem at a superior level than the usual clutter of Social Media.

We do NOT stop there now do we? 
While we care a great deal about fan engagement, we are also in the business of capturing and deciphering what Heart-rate variability means for an athlete. 

While multiple advancements in technology have given way to democratizing HR monitoring, professional athletes cannot rely on today’s off-the-shelf smart watches to enhance their performance and predict and prevent injury. 

Our Smart Jersey is a unique offering of ours and a first of its kind product + platform that captures heart-rate using ECG patches and churns out enormously rich data and insights on an athlete’s performance. We make it sophisticated to cater to the elite level yet keep it robust to adapt to grassroots.