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Sportifying Healthcare

Our Story

FanplayIoT was created to provide an engagement platform for fitness and sport lovers. At its very core, our logo depicts a Fan and an Athlete motivating each other towards achieving their full potential.

On a closer look, a heart emerges in between them indicating a passion for sports and health and depicting the spirit of our company – “Sportifying Healthcare”.

Being enterprising BITSian’s, SME’s in the field of Wearable technologies and ardent lovers of Sports, Fitness & Healthcare, wanted to create a platform that can recognize passions, emotions and moments of pure joy towards sport and fitness a person experiences.

This is the natural fan language and the platform helps in expressing the same with meaningful insights. We enable their journey to become a Sport Star, improve athletic performance, monitor progression, and measure player efficiencies.

In addition, we are building a youth sports platform which starts from school all their way into being professional sports players. Help teams improve in-game strategy, augment instincts, understand opponents’ weaknesses and make better draft selections and trade decision. By extending the IoT based devices/solutions to various sectors like – insurance, health, sports, gyms, media & team managers, we provide actionable insights and gamify the whole case for rewards and recognition.

At FanPlayIoT, we provide you a very innovative way  to inspire you to be healthy and fit in all areas of life using IoT powered devices and intelligent technologies. And in that journey, you are not alone! Your favorite Sportstars and Teams will help you to achieve your full potential!

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