Cricket is not only a passion but a religion for billions of fans across the world. Fans drive the players to new heights, fuel the sport & energize the teams. This inspires the players & unite the players, fans, the sponsors ….

There are die-hard fans who organize their lives around the team’s schedule. For such fans we present FanPlayIoT by FanGuru. It is the new language for the fans worldwide powered by Internet of Things (IoT).

It doesn’t matter where you are watching and cheering from! FanPlayIoT captures and integrates your emotions and converts it into a metric called the “FanEmote” – which is used to recognize and reward the Fans – the loudest, the craziest, the coolest in every game and across the season.

FanPlayIoT integrates wearables that capture Fan’s heart rate & blood pressure – the true markers of passion and emotion- along with the taps on the app and waves of the phone.

FanPlayIoT platform integrates IoT flags & IoT whistles, Smart Textile Jerseys etc. to capture a Fan’s actions – the true markers of a fan’s support and conveys it to the players on the field.

FanPlayIoT goes live from IPL 2020. Watch for release dates on Google Play store & Appstore

We are proud to announce that FanPlayIoT is the official fan engagement partner of CSK for IPL 2020.

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