#Dil Ki Baat #ShorON

The cricket season is upon us and as a fan you want to show support to your favorite Team in the most unique way! There are a million ways to show your love, but nothing like letting your team know you love them from the Bottom of your HEART with all the NOISE around you!

So can we Make Every Beat Count? and make your Cheers Felt?

Are you a Fan Club Member?

  • Like gathering people and watching matches together?
  • Want to host your friends and capture emotions and noise levels of the guests?
  • Want to be showcase your noise levels and heartbeat to Star Sports?
  •  Want to stand a chance to feature your watch party on Star Sports?

If you screamed YES for all the questions – then contact us immediately!
WhatsApp us now -+91 6380240139

If not then are you a crazy cricket fan and

  • Like to watch matches from home and support your favorite team?
  • Like to show your friends that your team has the best fans?
  • Want to participate in digital fan wars and prove your teams fans are the best?
  •  Want to know how loud your noise was when your favorite player hit a six?
  • Want to know how your heartbeat was when your favorite player took a crucial wicket?

If you screamed YES for all the questions – then get on this link and star supporting your team!

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a voluntary challenge and the participants are responsible for any injury or loss or damage arising out of participating in the challenge. FanPlayIoT or any of its employees or agents cannot be held responsible for the same.