Your Energy Has a Number and That Number Is Heart Rate Variability

Justin Roethlingshoefer

India's 1st Smart Jersey

The Fanplay IoT Smart Jersey is a 1st of its kind Smart Athleisure Wearable that captures heart health data. The Jersey is your ultimate tool for Fitness monitoring which is NOT another digital screen on your wrist. The Jersey and the platform is specifically designed for those who care a great deal about accuracy. When it is your heart health we don’t compromise! The ECG based sensors captures ECG waves at high accuracy levels, enabling our analytics to provide you with just the insight you’d want to see!

Product Features

Smart and Comfortable Apparel

IoT Powered Electronics

Durable and Long lasting

Advanced analytics and Fun UI

  • Comfortable compression clothing. 
  • Just as good as your skin, super easy wear and workout
  • ECG based Smart elements embedded in the apparel using patented technology.
  • Advanced electronics loaded with Bluetooth Low Energy Technology
  • Connected ecosystem with real-time data.
  • No hassle of charging or recharging – powered by coin cell batteries
  • Extremely rugged adn durable apparel
  • Standing the test of International level MMA training
  • Machine washable (without the electronic device)
  • Advanced analytics on vital health data
  • Personalized long-term fitness profile. 
  • AI/ML based algorithms to learn and enhance individual fitness profile.
  • Exciting UI/UX for a gamified fitness journey

If you answer yes to the following questions

Then go grab your Smart Jersey Right Away

  • Want to wear a comfortable athleisure wear?
  • Do not want to compromise on quality of your fitness data?
  • Want to have advanced analytics on fitness activities?
  • Want to gamify your fitness?
  • Do not want to charge your fitness monitoring device daily?
  • Want a cost-effective solution to fitness monitoring?
  • Want to prevent Injury or risk of over exertion while training?