Fan Engagement

Enrich the fan experience


Capturing moments


Sponsors get a unique opportunity to reach the cheering fans directly and incentivize them with offers based on their engagement in the event and their geo-location.

This provides higher value for advertising money than the campaigns on the rest of social media platforms with the ability to reach fans both in- stadia and across the globe with tailored offerings.

With key-insights about fan preferences, picking the right highlights of the match would mean that the sponsors can get new opportunities to advertise and reach larger audience that missed the live telecast.

For Teams/ Event Organizers

We enable a new model of onboarding sponsors by showing higher ROI due to the direct bi-directional engagement with cheering fans.

Further, add on services like pin-point location of fans in-stadia for delivering of F&B directly to their seats increases the in-stadia experience for fans, thereby increasing footfalls into the stadiums.


Media gets to create a whole new experience for the fans with the ability to broadcast the true emotions of the fans from across the world in an aggregated manner on the stadium screens, thereby increasing the stickiness of the viewers.

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