Capturing moments


Want to support your favorite team from home? Welcome aboard the Stadihome experience at Fanplay! Make your cheers felt by your favorite stars and teams. Making every beat count!! The support you show through Fanplay is bi-directional!

Not only can do you get to cheer for your favorite team, you can choose to share your glory moments of the match with family and friends! Get on the Fanplay app now!

Fanplay IoT


At Fanplay’s engage platform your team’s fans are engaged in the most exciting way with gamification and rewards for support the fans show!

Fan engagement is not necessarily during seasons – yes we believe off-season engagement is key for any sports team to keep the ball rolling across seasons!

Our Fanplay Neuro™ – Neuroscience based engine provides deeper insights about the emotional connect between your team and your fans!



Wondering where your social media marketing spends went? Or what’s your ROI on sponsorships across sports events?

Fanplay Neuro™ – Neuroscience based fan engagement platform is well equipped to provide measurable benefits to all your marketing campaigns with the ability to reach sports fans both in-stadia and across the globe with tailored offerings.


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