7 days 7 steps - Can you do it? Dil Irukkaa?

As a Sports fan we all admire the way our favorite player performing on the field. Every fan can proudly say that He / She is the best Sport person, and you know you are their best fan. But are you the most Fit Fan?

It is time for to get fitter and healthier following the footpath of our Champions.

The magic word is PROCESS..it is all about how we trust the process and result will follow!




  • The contest is open year-round.
  • Participants can take part in any 7 days of the challenge


A healthy body and a healthy mind is the best prize you can take away from this but there is more excitement we bring to the table than just that!

  • A  FanPlayIoT recognized certificate for participation and winning (whichever is applicable)
  • Top fans to get a FREE Smart Jersey – The Jersey is a revolutionary fitness monitoring device that helps you throughout your fitness journey
  • 3 months free subscription to the FanPlayIoT platform for fitness monitoring

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a physical fitness related activity, participants are advised to keep in mind their own physical abilities and carefully perform the activities suggested in the challenge. It is deemed that by participating in the challenge the participants declare themselves fully fit to perform the fitness activities in the challenge.
  • The content created and submitted as part of the challenge can be used by FanPlayIoT wherever they think fit.
  • This is a voluntary challenge and the participants are responsible for any injury or loss or damage arising out of participating in the challenge. FanPlayIoT or any of its employees or agents cannot be held responsible for the same