Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy the band from Fanplay  IoT Shop Click Here

The iOS app will be launched by July 2021

Fanband battery lasts up to 15 days ( approximate figures)  

Yes, there will be strap with Fanband

Yes, Fanband is waterproof

Yes, the charger is mounted in the unit itself

Remove the straps and plug the unit to adapter/ USB port Refer the image

Fanband takes approximately 1 hr to Charge 100%

Step 1: Turn on the Fanband by long pressing the touch sensitive button on the band.

Step 2: Open the Fanplay IoT application .

Step 3: Click on Hamburger menu (top right corner).

Step 4: Click on Sync Fan IoT (It starts detecting the nearby Fanband).

Step 5: Click on Connector symbol to sync. 

Fanband is  made in India 

Dimension of the Fanband : Width – 15 mm , Height – 40 mm , Depth – 10 mm  

Yes , Fanband has a touch screen feature to cycle between the various features such as time, distance, steps and calories burnt.  

Bluetooth range is about 100 mts  

A Fanband unit, a strap and the user manual  

Please reach out to us on our contact us page on the fanplayiot.com website.

A Sedentary reminder will trigger your Fanband to vibrate as a reminder for you to get up move around if you’ve been inactive for too long.

You can set reminder to notify you for very 60 mins ,90 mins or 120 mins

Step 1: Check for the connection of your Fanband with the Fanplay Application 

Step 2: Click on Hamburger Menu ☰ ( In the Top Right ) 

Step 3: Go to Device Settings  > Select Sedentary Remainder

Step 4: Select the duration right for you , if you wish to disable can also choose disable option

Step 1: Make sure your band is connected to your phone

Step 2: Click on the Hamburger Menu ☰ ( In the top right ) 

Step 3: Go to device settings > Click on Search Band > Fanband vibrates 

Step 4: Can repeat multiple times until you find the Fanband  

( Caution: Repeating this more number of times might drain the Battery of the Fanband and it might be disconnected)

Contact support number +91- 9353356464 or can also write to info@fanplayiot.com 

Step 1 : Switch on the Fanband

Step 2 : Download Fanplay IoT App from the Google Playstore 

Step 3 : Login to the app and click on Hamburger Menu ☰( In the top Right Corner) 

Step 4 : Click on first option Sync Fan IoT 

Step 5 : Press on the connector button wait till it indicates green color

Download Fanplay IoT App from the Google Playstore Click Here to Download

Wear the Fanband on your wrist swipe on the band face the heart rate starts counting with light blinking behind the Fanband, It takes a minute to display  your heart rate. 

The order will be delivered within 7 to 10 working days. 

 If your device is found to be defective within the warranty period, it may be eligible for replacement. For our full warranty terms and conditions, see our Return Policy and Warranty.

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