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Step With Us Towards A Fitter Tomorrow!

Welcome to the KBFC Fitness Challenge, a steps-based challenge that KBFC has created just for fans like you to get back to a fitter life! Given the poor year of fitness we all have faced due to the pandemic, our aim now is to get you going again in a progressive manner!

All you have to do is:

1. Walk the minimum number of steps that we ask you to complete daily (example: Day1=1,000 steps, Day2=1,500 steps, etc.). IT’S THAT EASY!

2. Stand a chance to win daily rewards by doing as many steps as possible to stand a chance to win cash prizes up to Rs.1,000 every day!

3. Stand a chance to win bigger rewards by doing as many steps as possible on all the 11 days of the challenge to win cash prizes up to Rs.10,000 along with other KBFC goodies

So what are you waiting for? Download Fanplay IoT  App from Google Playstore now and register for the challenge. IT’S FREE.

Don’t forget to support and share the KBFC Fitness Challenge with your friends so that all of us can step towards the same goal together!

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Minimum Steps

Day 110th April 2021500
Day 211th April  20211,000
Day 312th April 20211,500
Day 413th April 20212,000
Day 514th April 20212,500
Day 615th April 20213,000
Day 716th  April 20213,500
Day 817thApril 20214,000
Day 918th April 20214,500
Day 1019th April 20215,000
Day 1120th April 20215,500

Fitness Journey

Step 1 : Download the Fanplay IoT app (link is above)

Step 2 : Click on the FanSocial section from the 10th of April EVERYDAY till the 20th of April to do the maximum steps                      you can.

Step 3: Begin by starting the session by recording your heartbeat, and then start counting your steps.

Step 4: Stop session when you are done and record your heartbeat after to check how much your heartbeat has raised.

Step 5: Check the daily leaderboard to see if you are on top.

*Important Instructions*
  1. This Fitness challenge is a Virtual Event and does not require any physical assembly of people.’
  2. Please follow all the Covid-19 related guidelines in your jurisdiction. Take extreme care of your personal health and safety.
  3. Make sure you are medically fit to participate in this event.
  4. Children below 18 years are requested to participate under parental guidance (PG)
  5. Sign up on the FANPLAY IoT App and take the Challenges regularly to be eligible for various Prizes culminating in the Season’s MEGA PRIZE
  6. All shipments applicable ONLY WITHIN INDIA subject to Covid-19 restrictions.
  7. Please make sure to warm up for at least 5-10 minutes before starting the challenges
  8. If you happen to have a medical condition, please consult your Physician before starting on these challenges
*Terms and Conditions*
  1. I/We declare that I/We will not compete in the event unless I am/We are medically fit.
  2. I/We will compete at my/our own risk and will be solely responsible for all its consequences.
  3. I/We will adhere to all local administration guidelines related to Covid-19 Pandemic.
  4. I/We accept that the organisers of the event or Partners or KBFC will not be liable for any loss, damage, action, medical issues, injuries, deaths, reimbursements, claims, costs or expenses, etc which may arise in consequence of my/our participation in this virtual event.
  5. I/We accept that the Organisers have the right to change the format, dates and other parameters of this challenge depending upon the evolving Covid-19 situation and at their discretion.
  6. I/We will not hold FANPLAY IoT (the Organiser of this Event), responsible for any of the deficiencies in Partner Products.
  7. I/We accept that all partner products are available from respective partners and, in case of any non-availability of any particular product, the organiser Fanplay IoT will not be held responsible.
  8. I/We accept that the decision of the Organisers is FINAL with respect to the Prizes and other conditions of this event.

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