Progressive platform for Players


General Features for players, academies, coaches, clubs, gyms and national teams:

A progressive platform for players

There is a lot of technology support to help a player to improve performances and fitness levels. But the best technologies are those that are close to the body. These wearable technologies not only monitor your every move but also can predict the effects these moves have and give you an early warning if you are doing something wrong. For a player what matters the most is a consistent and adaptive performance during their entire career. These technologies help the player to develop their instincts further and not depend only on numbers.

Comprehensive platform for the sports academies, coaches, clubs, national teams and gyms

Right from on-boarding of players to finding a tailor-made solution specific for each player and sport our platform supports you in making the right choices.

Training and monitoring each individual player for his/her peak performance & recovery has been never easier.  Quantitative athlete performance assessment is possible using a player’s health digi-book right in the palm of your hands. When training is happening in groups, a consolidated view is possible to track the performance of each member of the group.

Injury prevention is important for any player to perform at his/her peak. By monitoring all the training sessions, it is possible to identify and alert if a particular player is prone to injury.

Further FanPlayIoT gives you a unique opportunity to connect with fans via interactive screens and other customizable media.

Sporting Academies

  • Impart skills improvement training and monitoring
  • Scale up to reach more aspiring people while having control over the quality of training imparted
  • Measure and improve on sports specific parameters for higher match day performance


Sports Clubs and Teams

  • Prevent injuries
  • Training monitoring
  • Performance improvement
  • Prevent overtraining and injuries impacting match day performance


  • Offer new group training programs while ensuring safety and effectiveness of the trainings.
  • Lifestyle assessment for people with high stress lifestyles
  • Improve the knowledge of the trainers on physiological effects based on different programs.

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