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Fan Neuro™

Fan Neuro™ - A Neuromarketing based AI engine driven by the power of emotions

Fan Neuro™ is the core of what FanPlay IOT does! With a multi faceted approach to bring the entire sports ecosystem under one roof, FanPlay IOT’s platform caters to a plethora of stakeholders especially sports teams, sponsors, broadcasters, coaches, athletes, and the one that loves all of them the FANS! To bring in a vibrant community of sports stakeholders under one roof, FanPlay IOT has deviced the Fan Neuro™ engine that churns enormous amount of fans and athletes data, and make a compelling case for sponsors and broadcasters to engage fans and athletes using the platform.


Case Studies

Smart Jersey in MMA Action Game-Changing Advantage:

How Fanplay IoT’s Smart Jersey and Combat Kinetics are Revolutionizing Performance Management Systems in Mixed Martial Arts








Heartbeat of the Nation

A case study by Star Sports, Sports Accelerator – Hype Sports Innovation and FanPlay IOT. A new dimension of fan engagement capturing emotions of fans during LIVE games









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Our Wearable Tech

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A revolutionary Jersey that monitors heart-rate using ECG technology.

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A revolutionary Sports Bra that monitors heart-rate using ECG technology.